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Trie data structures – Java [closed]Error is an illegal operation performed by the user which results in the abnormal working of the program. By now, you’ve probably seen a few errors, either when compiling or running your code like Trie data structures – Java [closed]. It can be frustrating, but they can also give you a lot of information about exactly how you can fix the problems in your code about java and data-structures. In this post covers the types of errors you’ll see when programming in Java, and how to fix them. Don’t pay any attention to the number of errors. Just read the first error message and work on fixing that error.

Problem :

Is there any library or documentation/link which gives more information of implementing Trie data structure in java?

Any help would be great!


Solution :

You could read up on Java Trie or look at trie.

There’s a java implementation in Robert Sedgewick’s book on algorithms. It’s very basic, i.e., no compression and a very simple interface, but I found it instructive to understand how tries work.

I also recently found a library that includes a memory efficient concurrent implementation of tries which looks very promising. It even includes a LCS solver using tries.

There is also the Lucene implementation that’s used in production applications.

Another implementation, I believe from Limewire developers originally:

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